Future Events

2024-02-14 – 2024-02-14

ySSI Seminar Series - 'Human innate lymphoid cells in gut homeostasis and inflammation'

Online'Human innate lymphoid cells in gut homeostasis and inflammation' presented by Prof. Jenny Mjösberg, Department of Medicine, Huddinge, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.https://scandinavianimmunology.nu/event/yssi-seminar-15/

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2024-02-26 – 2024-03-01

SIICA Virtual School Of Immunology


The Società Italiana di Immunologia, Immunologia Clinica e Allergologia (SIICA) is glad to announce the Virtual Advanced School of Immunology 2024 for undergraduate, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and MD post-graduate students.

The Virtual Advanced School of Immunology 2024 offers high quality live streaming webinars and interactive sessions that will take place every afternoon for 1 week.

Registration fee is 30€and a copy of the receipt must be uploaded in the registration form. Not sure you are well prepared for the Virtual Advanced School of Immunology 2024?
No worries! An anonymous questionnaire will help to assess your preparation and an optional On-demand Basic School of Immunology comprising a series of preparatory basic immunology lectures will be offered to all participants attending the Virtual Advanced School of Immunology 2024.
Lectures will be long-lasting available for consultation on the YouTube channel of the SIICA


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2024-05-20 – 2024-05-22

International Retreat of PhD Students in Immunology

Bern, Switzerland

Are you a PhD student working in the field of immunology?


Join the "SIICA International PhD Retreat of Immunology" in the beautiful Otranto (Italy) between May 20-22 2024! 


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2024-06-01 – 2024-06-07

2024 Chemotactic Cytokines Conference GRC

Portland, Maine, U.S.A.

Join the 2024 Gordon Conference on chemotactic cytokines, June 1-7, 2024 in Portland. Explore cutting-edge, unpublished research, and enjoy interactive discussions among scientific colleagues. More details can be found here: https://www.grc.org/chemotactic-cytokines-conference/2024/ 

The GRC meeting will be preceded by a satellite GRS meeting. More details about it can be found here: https://www.grc.org/chemotactic-cytokines-grs-conference/2024/


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2024-06-13 – 2024-06-14

ySSI Seminar Series - 'Human innate lymphoid cells in gut homeostasis and inflammation'

Basel, SwitzerlandSYIS Annual Symposium in Basel, 13.-14.06.2024!Join us for the SYIS Annual Symposium in Basel in June with exciting talks in Tumor Immunology, Mucosal Immunology, Infection Biology and more at the Swiss TPH! More information here: https://syis-ecr.org/annual-symposium-2024/https://syis-ecr.org/annual-symposium-2024/

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2024-09-01 – 2024-09-04