yEFIS 1st Symposium Working Group

The mission of the yEFIS 1st Symposium working group is to organize the first yEFIS conference in 2022.
This conference will be a great opportunity for 
yEFIS members to finally meet and network. Attendees will also have the chance to promote their work in a friendly, collaborative and young environment. Workshops and round tables organized in collaboration with other yEFIS working groups will also be on the program.

yEFIS 1st Symposium 2022 will be the first European immunology meeting 
organized by and for early career immunologists working in Europe.

Group leader:
Myriam Nabhan

Other members: Rami Bechara, Amalie Kai Bentzen, Katharina Bomans, Anne-Gaëlle Goubet, Heike Hawerkamp, Lyn Lim, Rebecca Katharina Masanetz, Christos Nikolaou, Mitchell Pallett, Ayse Sinem Yildirim.

If you want to join us to organize yEFIS 1st Symposium 2022, feel free to email us on email hidden; JavaScript is required.