yEFIS Symposium Working Group

The mission of the yEFIS symposium working group is to coordinate the organisation of yEFIS conferences and events.

The yEFIS 1st symposium was the first meeting organised by and for early career immunologists working in Europe. It was a great opportunity for yEFIS members to finally meet and network. Take a look back at the yEFIS 1st symposium that took place on November 10-11th, 2022 in Berlin.

Building on the success of the 1st symposium, we are now preparing for future events, namely the yEFIS 2nd symposium. Details to be announced soon.

Co-coordinators: Dr. Myriam Nabhan, Dr. Annika Haussman

Active members: Ege Amirak, Dr. Rami Bechara, Dr. Iva Benesova, Lorena Garcia del Rio, Dr. Katharina Glosse, Dr. Heike Hawerkamp, Dr. Lyn Lim, Rebecca Katharina Masanetz, Dr. Christos Nikolaou, Dr. Nurulamin Noor, Dr. Mitchell Pallett, Dr. Ioana Sandu, Dr. Dino Sisl, Dr. Eleonora Timperi, Dr. Kevin Thierry, Sabína Van?íková, Ayse Sinem Yildirim, Dr. Reza Zamani

If you want to join us to organize yEFIS events, feel free to email us on email hidden; JavaScript is required.