European Journal of Immunology WG

This working group serves as liaison between yEFIS and the European Journal of Immunology (EJI). EJI has been involved since the first hours of yEFIS and we have since established a strong and fruitful collaboration. You can find some of the outcomes of our work in the publications listed below. 

Currently, we are working on: 

  • Regular written contributions focused on activities from yEFIS & National YI Groups
  • Preparing contents for specific occasions like the international Day for Women and Girls in Science (see below) or the Day of Immunology
  • Highlighting first-time first-authors and first-time last-authors (see EJI first-timers policies: LINK
  • Promote content through our social media channels with special focus on ECR publications
  • Workshops and guidelines for ECRs covering topics like peer-review, editorial work etc.
  • We’re always welcoming new ideas and members!

Group leader: Laila Kulsvehagen

Current Members:  Daniela Latorre, Antonios Gkantaras, Myriam Nabhan, Nat Saidu , Heike Hawerkamp, Christina Niavi, Anna Salamero Boix, Domien Vanneste, , 

Reza Zamani,  Sabína Vancikova

Past members: Rami Bechara (WG lead 2021-2022), Anne Hahn (WG lead 2021-2023), Manolo Sambucci, Noushin Mossadegh-Keller, Laetitia Rolland, Ellen McAllister 

If you are interested in joining the EJI WG, feel free to text us anytime on email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Published papers:

Young immunologists of Europe, unite! Kilian Schober,Manolo Sambucci,Gwendolyn Elena Patzer,Federica Laudisi; EJI 02 April 2020;

The Day of Immunology 2021. Mairi McGrath,EFIS, IUIS, yEFIS and Immunopaedia Organising Teams. EJI 02 July 2021;

One year of Young EFIS: achievements and future directions. Rami Bechara,Carmela Cela,Anne Hahn,Gizem Kilic,Federica Laudisi,Ellen McAllister,Noushin Mossadegh-Keller. EJI 04 August

EJI across generations: yEFIS honours EJI's 50th Anniversary. EJI 01 September 2021;

Young EFIS - joining forces to support Early Career Researchers in Immunology. Santiago Costas-Ramon,Jesús Gil-Pulido,Anne Maria Hahn,Ellen McAllister. EJI 03 September 2020;

If you are interested in joining the EJI WG, feel free to text us anyti

2022 International Women's Day - yEFIS highlights outstanding women vaccine researchers

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