EJI Working Group

This working group is designated as a liaison between yEFIS and the European Journal of Immunology. EJI has been involved from the first hours of yEFIS and since then we have established fruitful collaboration – including but not limited to the publications listed below.

Currently, we are working on: 

  • Regular written contributions focused on activities from yEFIS & National YI Groups
  • Preparing contents for specific occasions like the international Day for Women and Girls in Science (see below) or the Day of Immunology
  • Highlighting first-time first-authors and first-time last-authors
  • Promote content through our social media channels with special focus on ECR publications
  • Workshops and guidelines for ECRs covering topics like peer-review, editorial work etc.
  • We’re always welcoming new ideas from our members!

Group leader:
 Anne Hahn
Other members: Rami Bechara, Daniela Latorre, Antonios Gkantaras, Noushin Mossadegh-Keller, Manolo Sambucci, Christina Niavi, Heike Hawerkamp
Mossadegh-Keller, Manolo Sambucci, Christina Niavi, Heike Hawerkamp

If you are interested in joining the EJI WG, feel free to text us anytime on email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Published papers:

Young immunologists of Europe, unite! Kilian Schober,Manolo Sambucci,Gwendolyn Elena Patzer,Federica Laudisi; EJI 02 April 2020; https://doi.org/10.1002/eji.202070045

The Day of Immunology 2021. Mairi McGrath,EFIS, IUIS, yEFIS and Immunopaedia Organising Teams. EJI 02 July 2021; https://doi.org/10.1002/eji.202170075

One year of Young EFIS: achievements and future directions. Rami Bechara,Carmela Cela,Anne Hahn,Gizem Kilic,Federica Laudisi,Ellen McAllister,Noushin Mossadegh-Keller. EJI 04 August

EJI across generations: yEFIS honours EJI's 50th Anniversary. EJI 01 September 2021; https://doi.org/10.1002/eji.202170095

Young EFIS - joining forces to support Early Career Researchers in Immunology. Santiago Costas-Ramon,Jesús Gil-Pulido,Anne Maria Hahn,Ellen McAllister. EJI 03 September 2020; https://doi.org/10.1002/eji.202070095

If you are interested in joining the EJI WG, feel free to text us anyti

2022 International Women's Day - yEFIS highlights outstanding women vaccine researchers

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