Future Events

2023-05-14 – 2023-05-20

11th International Summer School in Medical Biosciences Research and Management

Neo Itilo, Mani, Greece

The organization committee of the World Hellenic Biomedical Association (WHBA) has turned the engines for the 11th International Summer School in Medical Biosciences Research and Management on!

You can discover the WHBA here!


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Swiss Young Microbiologist's Symposium

Zurich, Switzerland

The 2
nd Swiss Young Microbiologist's Symposium (SYMS) takes place on June 2 in Zurich, Switzerland.

You can submit your abstract by April 30



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2023-07-05 – 2023-07-08

World Immune Regulation Meeting

Davos, Switzerland

The registration for the World Immune Regulatory Meeting (WIRM) 2023 is now open!

Do not miss this meeting, register and submit your abstract here before March 15

Join us for the SYIS session as well as sessions on Immune Activation, Effector Functions, Immune Tolerance and awards for the best SYIS poster/presentation!



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2023-07-12 – 2023-07-14

SYIS/yEFIS at the European Mucosal Immunology Group Meeting

Bern, Switzerland

Register now for the European Mucosal Immunology Group Meeting (EMIG) 2023 in Bern, Switzerland  between July 12-14! Don´t miss the great line up of speakers and the opportunity to get an update on the latest developments in Mucosal Immunology.

Deadline for travel grants and early bird registration is February 28
th,2023. Limited to 300 participants.

Date: July 12-14, 2023
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Deadline for travel grants and early bird registration: February 28
th, 2023.



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SYIS Annual Symposium: save the date!

Bern, Switzerland

The Swiss Young Immunologists Society (SYIS) Annual Symposium will take place on August 23rd, 2023 at Inselspital in Bern, Switzerland. More info is coming soon! 

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2023-09-20 – 2023-09-22

Workshop - Metabolism in the single cell era

Bordeaux, France

Atelier INSERM is organising a workshop entitled: “Metabolism in the single cell era. The workshop comprises both theoretical and practical sessions suitable for both young researchers as well as those experienced in the field. While they aim to make the lessons accessible to all, a wide range of technologies will be covered from the experimentalist and analysis point of view -but less on the bioinformatics behind it-.

The theoretical part will be held in Bordeaux, France between 20-22 September 2023 by international leaders in the field, with poster session, walk and talk with the speakers and others. The practical part will be held in Marseille and Lyon in October 2023 (date to be defined). Please see the attachment or website for more details.

If you are interested to pre-register or any of the members of your lab, please fill in your details in this pre-registration form

Click here for more information!

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2024-09-01 – 2024-09-04